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Crawl spaces are located underneath your home and are usually where most of the plumbing of your home is situated. When left alone for too long, crawl spaces can become a bad breeding ground for mold coupled with a high tendency of getting flooded.

A crawl space barrier prevents moisture from penetrating through the walls, ceiling and floor of your home. It serves as a protective layer between your home and the dirt crawl space beneath it. Installing a crawl space barrier will also lower your heating bills while making sure your home feels comfortable.

Benefits of a Crawl Space Barrier:
  • Energy Efficiency
    Installing a crawl space barrier can effectively seal the area, which greatly reduces the amount of moisture that can develop from the crawl space. This allows you to use your HVAC less frequently thus reducing your energy bills.
  • Preserve Pipes
    The presence of moisture can threaten the integrity of the plumbing system in your crawl space with rot and corrosion or even breakage and bursting. Installing crawl space barriers will help preserve the life of your pipes by keeping them dry and in good working condition.
  • Reduces Wiring and Electrical Hazards
    Moisture from crawl spaces can lead to electrical shorts, rusted wires, and even a fire. Making sure that electrical components are free from moisture can be made possible by installing a crawl space barrier.
  • Limits Dampness and Odor
    Moisture and humidity can seep into the walls and up through the floors of crawl spaces. This could result in your home being damp and you may encounter a rotting odor. Crawl space barriers help lessen the chance of such problems occurring.

Installing a crawl space barrier is an effective way of providing the crawl space with a moisture protection layer to shield the structure from the negative effects of moisture such as mold, floor warps, odors, increased electricity costs, insects, and dust mites.

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